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Panther Ausf A Initial production. Italy 43/44. PREMIUM EDITION. 1/35 Dragon-6920


Dragon 1/35

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The Panther Ausf A, a medium tank used by German forces during World War II, was designed as an answer to the Soviet T-34, standing out for its combination of firepower, protection and mobility. Equipped with a high-velocity 75 mm gun and sloped armor that offered greater protection against enemy projectiles, the Panther exhibited an impressive balance between power and endurance.

Powered by a Maybach HL 230 P30 V-12 engine, the Panther could reach speeds of up to 46 km/h on the highway, making it one of the fastest tanks of its time. Its torsional suspension and compact design facilitated its maneuverability in difficult terrain.

The Panther Ausf A made its combat debut on the Eastern Front in 1943, where it proved to be a formidable force against Allied tanks. Despite their combat effectiveness, their limited production and complex maintenance posed logistical challenges for the German Army.

The model contains:

  • Photoengravings
  • Aluminum cannon
  • Aluminum trailing cable
  • Magic Track’ chains

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