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Wet paddle AK-8064

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Everyone who has ever painted a figure knows that to get lights or shadows from the base colors it is necessary to make mixtures of several paints and, also we all know, that if you work with acrylics, it is complicated to leave the work halfway and continue at another time because usually the mixture you have made dries and repeat it to have exactly the same tone as when you left it can become complex and above all is … tedious.

The AK interactive wet palette solves this problem, it allows you to make your mixtures and if you leave the work half done, nothing happens, you close it, put it in a hermetically sealed bag and put it in the fridge to keep it in a cool place. The next time you need him, you will have your paint in perfect condition to continue working where you left off.

The Palette is mainly composed of three elements:

  • Sponge: to soak with water.
  • Fiber cloth: to be used to put on top of the sponge.
  • High quality paper with a silicone film that will go on top of the cloth and on which you will put your acrylic paint.

1 review for Wet paddle AK-8064

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