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AK 3rd Generation Paints

Choose your color from the entire palette of AK 3rd Generation Paints.

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Once you have decided which color fits best, you can find the colors here:


3rd generation AK paints

Or, use the web search engine by shades:


AK 3rd generation acrylic paints offer high levels of opacity and pigmentation.

One of the most striking advantages we find is the absence of toxicity, these are non-toxic acrylic paints that achieve full adhesion, avoid clogging in the airbrush nozzle or coverage problems, as explained by the manufacturer.

With this new catalog AK wanted to improve one of the most used products by modelers, the acrylics. These paints are specially formulated to be applied by brush and airbrush, both on resin, plastic and metal models and miniatures.

We share with you a video with more information about AK 3rd generation paints and their use with airbrushes.

Types of AK Acrylic Paints

Within this new range, there are several lines, easily identifiable on the front label.

AFV. The AFV label distinguishes specific colors for painting military vehicles of all eras. Unique shades used for different armies in different periods (FS, RAL, etc.).

acrylic paints for military models

AIR: AK acrylics under the Air series come in a wide range of colors useful for painting model aircraft from many countries and different periods, from World War I to the present day.

These paints have the correct opacity for aviation and produce a perfect satin finish.



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