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New AK wet palette (contains 40 sheets of paper and two sponges) AK interactive-9510


Ak interactive tool

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AK Interactive


New wet palette of Ak interactive brand, incorporates an airtight seal that will help you keep the paint for longer, also contains several spaces and compartments specially designed to mix the paints and store accessories.

The wet palette is mainly used in figure painting, especially by those modellers who use acrylics, which dry quite fast.

It is recommended that after painting it be kept in the refrigerator.


1. Cotton fiber cloth to keep the pallet paper moist.

2. Special interchangeable paper Made of a thin silicone film that allows moisture transfer but prevents water transfer and paint dissolution. It does not release fibers or hairs when working with brushes.

3. Practical tray for storage and storage of accessories and brushes.

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2 in stock

Compra este producto ahora y acumula 20 Puntos!


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