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Nakajima Hayate (Frank) and Kurogane Tamiya-61116


Tamiya 1/48 aircraft

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Since July 1942 the Nakajima company was working on the development of a new single-seat aircraft for the Imperial Japanese Army, this new aircraft was not ready until the spring of 1945 when mass production began. The name of this new aircraft was the Ki-84 Hayate (“storm” in Japanese), which the Allies codenamed Frank.

The Ki-84 Hayate mounted a air-cooled Hoshi-type HA-45 radial engine, which allowed it to reach 1,780 hp and an output of maximum speed of 624KM/h, it was powerfully armed with two 12.7 mm Ho-103 machine guns in the fuselage, two 20 mm HO-5 cannons in the wings and two 20 mm Ho-103 machine guns in the fuselage. 30 mm also located on the wings.

The Hayate could compete with any allied fighter of the time and was even capable of flying at altitudes that allowed it to intercept B29 Superfortress flying fortresses.

This Tamiya kit also includes a reproduction of the Kurogane reconnaissance vehicle, with a 2-cylinder V-mounted engine and a power of 33hp, and the base to make a small scene.

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1 in stock

Compra este producto ahora y acumula 48 Puntos!


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