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Modern Japanese combat vehicle Type 16 MCV C5 Tamiya-35383


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The Type 16 MCV C5, a Japanese combat vehicle, is a technical and tactical marvel. Designed for mobile and flexible operations, its light structure and wheels make it agile in all types of terrain, it is equipped with a 105 mm automatic cannon, with anti-aircraft capability, which makes it very versatile in combat. With a powerful engine, it reaches speeds in excess of 100 km/h and its advanced control and communication system gives it superiority on the battlefield. It was introduced in 201 and reflects Japan’s adaptation to modern defense needs.

This Tamiya model has the following features:

  • Length: 248 mm, width: 85 mm.
  • The C5 variant features a winch, turret rear air conditioning unit, cleaning rod case and turret side antenna protectors.
  • It is possible to build the model with or without winch.
  • The photo-etched parts reproduce with great realism the protectors attached to the enlarged turret basket.
  • Includes one complete figure (soldier) and two torsos (commander and loader).
  • Semi-pneumatic tires feature realistic tread and surface patterns.
  • Includes two schemes: vehicles of the 4th Company, Armored School Regiment, Camp Komakado (with winch) and the Combat Company, 1st Reconnaissance Combat Battalion, Camp Asaka (without winch).


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1 in stock

Compra este producto ahora y acumula 59 Puntos!


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