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Messerschmitt Me262 A-1a Tamiya-61087


Tamiya 1/48 aircraft

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The Me262 has the honor of having been the first jet fighter to enter service in the history of aviation.
Its development began in 1939 but it was not until July 1942 that the first prototype, the Me262V3 made its first flight powered by two Junker Jumo 004 engines. After some improvements to the landing gear and the Jumo engine was upgraded to the 004b version, the first Me262 model was ready for mass production, although it could not be effectively deployed until September 1944, this was due in part to Hitler’s orders that wanted an offensive version (as a bomber) of it to be developed.
The Me262-A-1a was the interceptor fighter version of the Me262, designed to engage Allied aircraft bombing German factories and cities during the second half of the conflict.
The Me262 reached a maximum flight speed of 900 km/h and was armed with 4 Mk 108 30mm cannons, it could also mount two 250kg bombs or 55mm R4M rockets.
Towards the end of the war Lieutenant General Galland organized an elite unit of ME 262 A-1a, which despite the advanced stage of the war continued to fight until the end and inflicted defeats on allied aircraft.

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