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During the first half of World War II the Messerschmitt Bf109 of the E (“Emil”) series was the main fighter of the German Air Force (Luftwaffe).
The E-4 variant was powered by a Daimler Benz BD601 Aa engine and was armed with two 7.92mm light machine guns in the nose of the aircraft, as well as two 20mm cannons, one in each wing. The excellent maneuverability of this aircraft, its acceleration and its ability to make quick dives made the Bf 109 E-series a terrible weapon, surpassing the old British Hawker Hurricane and equaling the Spitfires.
During the Battle of Britain, however, the greatest weakness of the Bf 109 at that time was exposed: its flight range was only 560Km so they could only escort the bombers that were going to attack the islands for 15 minutes over English soil. Without sufficient escort, the bombers were left alone and this caused heavy losses to the Luftwaffe. To solve this problem, the E-4 series was equipped with an additional 300-liter fuel tank that was located just below the center of the fuselage, this modification was called the E7 variant.

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