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MAUS v2 SdKfz VIII Vespid Models-720001


Vespid Models 1/72

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Vespid Models


The Maus V2 was a project of super heavy German armored vehicle, designed as an offensive weapon to face the allied tanks in World War II.

During the course of the conflict there had been an escalation, especially with regard to the armored forces of the contenders, for having increasingly powerful and better protected weapons.

The Maus was developed with the protection of its occupants and the power of its enormous cannon in mind, thus sacrificing mobility, maneuverability and production cost.

  • Weight: 188 tn
  • Shielding: 400mm
  • Main Weapon: 128mm Kwk 44 L/71 Kwk 44 L/71 Cannon
  • Vel. Max: 20 km/h

This Vespid Models kit also includes photoetched parts and metal cannon.


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