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“Market Garden. Netherlands 1944 MiniArt-35393


MiniArt 1/35 figures. Special edition resin head

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As the autumn of 1944 approached, British Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery devised a plan that he presented to the Allied High Command to try to end World War II before Christmas.

The plan was to create a corridor through Dutch territory until reaching the city of Arnhem, thus guaranteeing an earlier crossing of the Rhine River and facilitating access to Germany. The attack was conceived in two parts, an airborne offensive that would take the main bridges necessary to secure the corridor (and was codenamed Market) and a second ground operation whose mission was for armor to secure each of the bridges previously occupied by U.S. and British parachute units (the ground operation was called Garden).

Operation Market Garden began on September 17, 1944, lasted 8 days and was a resounding failure, it was never possible to take the Arnhem Bridge which was protected by the 10th and 9th German Panzer Divisions.

This MiniArt kit recreates the scene of several British paratroopers being taken prisoner by German soldiers.

The kit is a special edition from MiniArt and contains a resin head.

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1 in stock

Compra este producto ahora y acumula 14 Puntos!


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