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M-113 Tamiya-35040


Tamiya 1/35. Complete interior

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The M113 is an all-terrain armored vehicle designed for troop transport. After the Second World War, all the great armies of the world understood the importance of the mobility of their units and of the speed at the time of carrying out their operations, from this certainty arose the TBP (Armored Personnel Carrier) to which the family of the M113 belongs.

The M113 has participated in several armed conflicts (Yom Kippur War, invasion of Panama, Iraq-Iran War…) although undoubtedly the most famous of all was the Vietnam War (1965-1975) where it became the basic infantry weapon within the US Army’s “Search & Destroy” strategy, consisting of launching patrols to search for the enemy, destroy it and return to the starting base without the need to control the terrain over which it had been fought.

The Vietnam version of the M113 was capable of a maximum speed of 65 km/h, was equipped with 19 to 32 mm armor, was fitted with a Browning M2HB 7.62 mm machine gun and could carry 10 men in combat.

The Spanish Army has had the M113 in different variants since 1969. It currently consists of 1200 units that will be replaced by the 8×8 Dragon.

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1 in stock

Compra este producto ahora y acumula 28 Puntos!


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