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King Tiger (Henschell turret) Tamiya-35164


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The Tiger II, King Tiger (Königtiger) or, in its official designation: PanzerKampfWagen VI Ausf B, was an evolution of the heavy tank Tiger I that was part of the idea promoted by Hitler to build increasingly bulky, heavy weapons with greater destructive power, without taking into account the limitations of raw materials or availability to produce complex components, which in the last years of the war could have Germany.

The operational history of the Tiger II is relatively short

This 1/35 scale Tamiya model shows the tank with Henschell turret, which was the most used and the one that finally won the competition to be the standard turret over the one designed by Porsche.

The Tiger II weighed 69 tons, had a crew of 5 members (commander, driver, loader, gunner and radio operator), a maximum armor of 185mm and could reach a maximum speed of 41 km/h. It was armed with an 88mm KwK 43 L71 cannon and 3 MG 34 7.92mm machine guns.

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