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King Tiger (Ardennes front 1945) 1/35 Tamiya-35252


Tamiya 1/35

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Tamiya presents a 1/35 scale model of the King Tiger as it appeared during the last German offensive on the Ardennes front. In addition, the kit includes the DKW NZ350 military motorcycle. The thick armor and powerful 88 mm gun of the King Tiger’s Henschel turret struck fear into the hearts of all Allied troops who had the misfortune of facing this colossus of a tank. In the purest Tamiya style, the imposing image of the King Tiger is reflected in this model. Full of details, the kit features two different types of gun mantles (the model can be assembled with either stepped or sloped mantle), as well as parts to accurately replicate the DKW NZ350 engine. The small headlights and other details seen on the motorcycle during the final stages of World War II are reproduced. Ideal for creating the perfect Ardennes diorama. In addition, this kit includes tank commander, tank crewman and orderly figures (3 figures in total).

Development of the massive King Tiger began in February 1943 to counter the growing threat of Russian tanks. A more powerful gun was added, upgrading from the L56, 88mm of the Tiger I to the high velocity L71, 88mm Type 43 gun. The front armor of the chassis was 150 mm thick with 80 mm side armor. The Henschel and Porsche companies presented prototypes of rival turrets. After trial production of 50 tanks with the Porsche turret, the Henschel design was adopted for mass production, with its extremely thick armor measuring 185 mm at the front and 88 mm on the side panels. The Henschel turret itself was revised mid-production, going from a stepped to a smooth barrel mantlet. Because of the devastation caused by the King Tiger during the last German offensive on the Ardennes front in December 1944, the Allied forces advancing towards Berlin feared the King Tiger until the last day of the war. As for the DKW NZ350 military motorcycle, production began in 1940. However, this German military motorcycle underwent mid-production changes when resources became scarce towards the end of the war. DKW NZ350s of that time were seen with smaller headlights and slimmed down fenders.

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2 in stock

Compra este producto ahora y acumula 40 Puntos!


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