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Kettenkrad Type HK 101 (1/9) Italeri-7404


Italeri 1/9

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  • Active suspensions
  • Hatches that can be opened
  • Super-detailed engine.
  • Sticker sheet for 3 versions.
  • Swivel casters.
  • Tools included.

At first, Sd.Kfz 2“Kettenkrad” was developed as a light transport for airborne troops. It was a small vehicle with a front part similar to a motorcycle, characterized by its handlebars and central wheel and by a rear part designed to offer a 6-wheel follower structure.

The Kettenkrad could carry 2 passengers in addition to the driver, or transport goods and ammunition. It could reach a top speed of 70 km / h thanks to its OHV (Opel) four-cylinder in-line water-cooled engine (it is the same engine of the Opel Olympia).

It was capable of towing up to 450 kg of towed cargo, such as moderate-sized anti-tank guns. The Kettenkrad proved to be perfect for transporting loads and people over rough terrain, such as the sandy terrain in North Africa or the muddy Russian steppe. Later, from 1944 onwards, it was used on the runways for handling Messerschmitt Me 262 fighter planes and A-234 Arado bombers.

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