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ICM Bristol Beaufort Mk.IA Bomber (with RAF pilots) ICM-48313


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The Bristol Beaufort torpedo bomber began deployment to RAF Coastal Command in late 1939, and in the following spring began combat missions. The aircraft engaged in aerial mining of seaports, carried out torpedo attacks both day and night, and bombed coastal targets. Throughout her service, the Bristol Beaufort underwent improvements, including modifications to her armament and equipment.

The Mk.IA variant was equipped with a new machine gun turret, and ASV radars were installed on the torpedo bomber for ship detection. One of the areas where this aircraft excelled in combat was the Mediterranean Sea, where they were directed against transport convoys and warships of the Axis countries. It is worth noting that service in torpedo bombers was exceptionally challenging and dangerous, and at some periods of the war, losses among their crews were the highest in the entire Royal Air Force. Despite all the difficulties, torpedo bomber pilots managed to carry out a significant number of successful attacks against enemy ships.

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1 in stock

Compra este producto ahora y acumula 59 Puntos!


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