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How to paint German vehicles with winter camouflage WWII Ammo-6039


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In this book different professional modelers explain in detail how to paint the winter camouflage schemes applied to German armored vehicles during World War II. You will not only learn how to paint camouflage step by step, but also how to add realistic wear and tear effects, such as mud, splashes, scratches, dust, grease and all kinds of dirt.

Six models are presented: Faun L900, the famous Tiger I, the Panther and Jagdpanther, as well as the Panzer III and a Sd.Kfz 250/1 set in Hungary during the winter of 1945.

In addition, in this issue you will find information on the history of German camouflage patterns and markings used in the winter months of the conflict, by the renowned historian and modeler Daniele Guglielmi, accompanied by reference photos of the time. This guide to German winter camouflage is also illustrated with color profiles showing the different types of patterns and colors applied and the period in which they were used.

Soft cover, 140 pages

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