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Soviet combat helicopter KA-52 Alligator 1/48 Zvezda-4830


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The KA-52 Alligator is a combat helicopter of Soviet origin developed by Kamov. This rotary wing aircraft is designed to perform attack, reconnaissance and battlefield coordination missions. One of its distinctive features is the coaxial design of its rotors, which gives it greater maneuverability and hovering capability compared to conventional helicopters.

Development of the KA-52 began in the late 1980s, as an evolution of the KA-50 model. Its first flight took place in 1997, and it entered service with the Russian Armed Forces in 2011. Equipped with an armored cockpit and advanced avionics and weapons systems, it can operate both day and night and in adverse weather conditions. The KA-52 is armed with a 30 mm automatic cannon, anti-tank missiles, unguided rockets and air-to-air missiles, making it a formidable tool in the Russian military arsenal.

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