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CH-54A Tarhe Helicopter with Universal Military Capsule. 1/35 ICM-53057


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CH-54A Tarhe with Universal Military Capsule

Created in 1962, the CH-54 Tarhe heavy helicopter was designed primarily to transport large military cargo. Its powerful winches made it possible to lift loads in hover mode, without the need to land. The helicopter was successfully used during combat operations in Vietnam, where it evacuated damaged aircraft and helicopters, and transported artillery guns, vehicles, tanks and even patrol boats on external suspension.

To expand the CH-54’s transport capabilities, a special container, a transport capsule for infantry, wounded or military equipment, was created. The containers were equipped with windows, doors and a ramp in the rear section, allowing military equipment to be transported inside, such as cannons or light vehicles, when necessary. These versatile containers could even be used for parachute deployment of soldiers. In total, 22 containers were built, each with its own military registration number.

The CH-54 Tarhe, along with its transport pods, proved to be an invaluable tool on the battlefield, offering a flexible and efficient solution for various logistical and transportation needs during the war.

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