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German Hornisse-Nashorn Dragon-6414MT tank destroyer


Dragon 1/35

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The Sd Kfz 164 Hornisse, one of the versions of the “Nashorn”, was a German tank destroyer used during World War II. With an 88 mm gun, it was highly effective in engaging enemy tanks at long range. This armored vehicle had a weight of approximately 24 tons and a crew of five. Its frontal armor reached 30 mm, which provided some protection against enemy gunfire and infantry actions, although its side armor was clearly very poor. The maximum road speed of this vehicle was approximately 40 km/h (25 mph).

This impressive Dragon model is NEW at an incrediblylow price (LOW COST), contains:

  • Aluminum cannon
  • Bonus of 4 figures
  • Photoengravings
  • Independent link chains (“Magic Track”)

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