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German half-track Sd.Kfz.253 with Panzer I turret (Complete interior) 1/35 Dragon-6952


Dragon 1/35

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The SdKfz 253 with Panzer I turret was an armored reconnaissance vehicle used by German forces during World War II. Equipped with a turret armed with an MG 34 machine gun and mounted on a half-track chassis, the SdKfz 253 offered a unique combination of mobility and protection. Capable of carrying up to five soldiers, including the driver, commander and machine gun operators, this vehicle was essentially a mobile observation post on the battlefield.

With a top speed of approximately 50 km/h on the highway and a range of about 150 kilometers, the SdKfz 253 was agile and versatile. Its main function was to carry out reconnaissance and scouting missions, providing crucial information on enemy positions and facilitating the advance of German forces. Despite its limited direct combat capability, it played an important role in military operations by providing tactical support and contributing to the information superiority of German forces.

Contains complete interior and magic track chains

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