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German Infantry Weapons Team 2nd G.M Bolt-402212014


Bolt 1/56

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Infantry weapon teams are a crucial component in any Bolt Action army, as they provide significant tactical flexibility for your force. Sniper, flamethrower and anti-tank equipment are some of the most common, presenting multiple challenges for your opponent to overcome.

The Panzerschreck was a German evolution of the American bazooka, first found in North Africa, firing a large-caliber shaped-charge rocket projectile. The gun’s counterslap was so intense that early teams wore protective capes and masks; later a counterslap shield was installed on the gun, giving it a distinctive appearance. The Panzerschreck and the disposable Panzerfaust replaced the Panzerbüchse 39 anti-tank rifle by 1944.

During the Battle of Stalingrad, Russian snipers inflicted so many casualties on the besieged Wehrmacht that the Germans began to train and equip their own marksmen to play a specialized role as snipers. Several sniper rifles were used, including the standard KAR-98K and the semi-automatic Gewehr 43, all equipped with the high-quality ZF39 telescopic sight and accurately manufactured ammunition.

Flamethrowers, or Flammenwerfer, were employed throughout the war, often against buildings or fortifications. During the latter part of the war, the Germans produced a lighter, smaller design that carried enough fuel for a single burst, effectively a single-shot flamethrower, the Eintossflammenwerfe. However, it is not known with certainty whether this weapon was ever used.

This set includes:

three Bolt Action order dice and the following Warlord Resin figures:

  • 2-man Panzerschreck team
  • 2-man sniper team
  • 2-man flamethrower kit

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1 in stock

Compra este producto ahora y acumula 16 Puntos!


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