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German speedboat SchnellBoot S100 (premium edition). 1/35 Italeri-5603


Italeri 1/35

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Don’t miss the largest 1/35 scale model ever made!!!…At an incredible price!

Among the consequences of the Treaty of Versailles was a severe limitation on German shipbuilding. Light ships circumvented these restrictions, so the development of torpedo boats began in the late 1920s, based on a civilian yacht design adapted to carry two torpedoes: this was the S-1. The evolution continued until the most advanced models reached 35 meters in length and 100 tons of displacement, also progressively increasing the secondary armament. The construction was composite, with aluminum beams and wood siding.

With the S-100 series appeared the characteristic armored hut, a necessity due to the strengthening of Allied air superiority and the intensification of low-altitude air attacks. Its predominant use was in attacks on Allied ships in coastal waters around the British Isles, although operations were also conducted in the Mediterranean and Black Sea; in either case, these activities were mainly nocturnal. Beginning in 1943, with the destruction or grounding of all major Kriegsmarine units, these torpedo boats were among the few surface units capable of operating, which exposed them to increasingly complex scenarios, resulting in heavy losses.

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