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German military car 2nd G.M Polizei-Kübelsitzwagen 1/35 Master Box-35101


Master Box 1/35

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The Polizei Kübelsitzwagen, introduced in 1937, is an iconic vehicle in the history of German police and automotive development of the period. This car, whose name translates as “police bucket seat car,” was designed specifically to meet the mobility and versatility needs of the police during the pre-World War II era.

Based on the Volkswagen Type 82 chassis, the Kübelsitzwagen stood out for its robust structure and simplified design, making it ideal for operating in a variety of conditions, from urban streets to rural roads. Its bucket-like seating configuration allowed for greater ease of entry and exit for officers, as well as the ability to transport equipment and prisoners efficiently.

During its service, the Polizei Kübelsitzwagen became an essential tool for the German police, facilitating rapid response to incidents and patrolling large areas. Its practical design and off-road capability also influenced the development of future military and emergency vehicles.

In automotive history, the Polizei Kübelsitzwagen is remembered not only for its functionality and durability, but also as a forerunner of the light utility vehicles that would become common in later decades. Its legacy lives on as a symbol of innovation in service vehicle design and its impact on the evolution of police and military cars.

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