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German Infantry 1914 ICM-35679


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The German infantry of 1914 went into battle after the outbreak of World War I equipped with

  • Uniform: Which included a peaked felt cap, a greenish-gray tunic and matching pants, along with leather boots and gaiters. In addition, they carried cargo equipment consisting of a leather belt, shoulder straps and a backpack.
  • Main Weapon: It was the Mauser Model 1898 rifle, a manual repeating weapon that could be fitted with a bayonet for close combat.
  • Machine guns: German infantry used Maxim and Maschinengewehr 08 machine guns, which were heavy weapons that could be deployed to provide sustained fire and suppression on the battlefield.
  • Grenades: They used fragmentation grenades and smoke grenades.
  • Auxiliary equipment: Gas masks, first aid kits and trench digging tools.

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