FT-17 French Light Tank (riveted turret) Meng-TS-011


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The French FT-17 tank was developed by the Renault company during the last years of World War I (1917) and is considered to be the first modern tank in history. Some of its revolutionary advances were: moving the crew to the front and isolating them from the engine, significant improvements in the undercarriage and giving it the structure still found in today’s tanks, a rotating turret centered on the vehicle, improved overall visibility for the tank commander….

The riveted octagonal turret, although more inefficient in protecting the tank crew, was more economical, so the first mass productions were made with this turret configuration.

  • Weight: 6.5tn
  • Crew: 2 men
  • Armor: 22 mm
  • Primary weapon: Puteaux SA18 37mm cannon or Hotchkiss M1914 8mm machine gun.
  • Max speed: 7km/h


The kit includes a base to make a small scene (see photo).


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