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USA airborne drones: KDA-1 and BQM-34A(Q-2C). 1/48 ICM-48399


ICM 1/48

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In 1948, the USAF (United States Air Force) signed a contract with the Ryan Company to develop an unmanned jet-powered aircraft to be used as a training target. The drone prototype, named XQ-2, made its first flight in 1951. After successful testing, it entered service with the USAF as Q-2A (also known as Firebee). A slightly modified version, designated KDA-1, was operated by the military fleet. In the late 1950s, a new contract was awarded between the USAF and Ryan for a significantly improved version of the “second generation” Firebee, the Model 124, initially designated Q-2C. It entered production in 1960, and three years later, its designation was changed to BQM-34A. This drone featured an enlarged fuselage, longer wings and a single air intake under the pointed nose. The U.S. Navy also adopted the BQM-34A, while the Army received a ground-launched version called the MQM-34D with a JATO (Jet-Assisted Take-Off) booster. These drones were used for training air defense crews.

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