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Totenkopf Division. Kharkov 1943 MiniArt-35397


MiniArt 1/35 figures. Special Edition

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The Totenkopf division is probably one of the most famous Waffen SS units of the whole war, that is due to several reasons: the first of them is that its distinctive as a unit, the skull, is one of the most recognizable for the SS units. The second is that this unit was originally composed mainly of volunteers who had been directly involved in guarding the first Nazi concentration camps. The reason for its fame is also due to the number of fronts and battles in which it participated and, sadly, part of that terrible fame is due to the horrible war crimes they committed.

In February 1943 the Totenkopf Division was sent to the Eastern Front, under the command of Marshal Erich Von Manstein who had the command of Army Group South. The direct commander of the Totenkopf was Theodor Eicke (who was credited with having participated in the assassination of Ernst Rhöm during the night of the long knives) died during the third battle of Kharkov . This third battle allowed the Germans to recapture the Ukrainian city of Kharkov.

This fantastic kit from MiniArt includes resin heads to get a greater expression in the faces of the soldiers.


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