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Cruise ship HMS Belfast. 1942 Trumpeter-06701


Trumpeter 1/700

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The Belfast was a British Royal Navy light cruiser used by the British during World War II. Today it is used as a museum ship.

She was launched in 1938 and when World War II broke out, she was assigned to block German naval traffic. She was seriously damaged in 1939, when she hit a mine, which left her in dry dock for almost two years.

It returned to service in 1942, already with important improvements based on more firepower, more armor and improved radar. He was assigned to escort convoys crossing the Arctic towards the Soviet Union, then participated in the Battle of North Cape, where he helped sink the German destroyer Scharnhorst. In addition to these actions, still in World War II he collaborated in the Normandy Landings and later, after the surrender of Germany, he was sent to fight with the Japanese in the Pacific.

The Belfast continued in active service until the early 1960s, even fighting in the Korean War.

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