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Colors of the ‘Afrika Korps’ 1941-43 Ak Interactive-RCS124


Ak interactive Real Color Lacquers

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AK Interactive


A set of Real Colors lacquer-based paints featuring six colors used to paint vehicles of the German Afrika Korps in North Africa from early 1941 to May 1943. Most of the vehicles and equipment initially shipped to Africa were painted entirely in RAL 7021 Dunkelgrau. In March 1941, the first camouflage colors specifically intended for use in Africa were selected: RAL 8000 and RAL 7008. These colors were to cover two-thirds and one-third of a vehicle’s surface, respectively. In March 1942, they were replaced by RAL 8020 and RAL 7027. Both photographic and documentary evidence confirms that vehicles painted in tropical colors were also used on the Eastern Front. This includes 38 Tiger I tanks assigned to the Grossdeutschland Division, SS-LAH, SS-Das Reich and SS-Totenkopf from December 1942 to February 1943, which were painted in the early tropical scheme of RAL 8000 / RAL 7008 similar to the Tiger’s sent to North Africa. The set also contains the interior color RAL 1001, used to paint the upper parts of the interior compartments of fully enclosed armored vehicles.

These paints can be thinned with RC701/RC702 High Compatibility Thinner or other thinners intended for lacquer-based paints.


  • RC856 Dunkelgrau-Dark Grey
  • RAL 7021 RC853 Graugrün-Grey Green
  • RAL 7008 RC861 Gelbbraun-Yellow Brown
  • RAL 8000 RC857 Grau-Grey RAL 7027 RC865 Braun-Brown
  • RAL 8020 RC851 Elfenbein-Ivory RAL 1001 (Interior Color)

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1 in stock

Compra este producto ahora y acumula 17 Puntos!


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