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German car Ty 170V Tourenwagen 4 Türen. 1/35 Master Box-35100


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The Typ 170V Tourenwagen 4 Türen, introduced by Mercedes-Benz in 1936, is an emblematic vehicle in German automotive history. This four-door sedan, known for its elegance and durability, became one of the most popular and versatile models of its time.

The 170V, where “V” stands for “Vorn” (front) in German, indicated its 1.7-liter front engine, a four-cylinder engine delivering 38 horsepower. This engine allowed the vehicle to reach a top speed of approximately 108 km/h, which was remarkable for a car of its class at the time. The design of the 170V combined aerodynamic lines and a robust body, giving it a modern and functional appearance.

During its production run, which lasted until 1942 and resumed briefly after World War II, the 170V Tourenwagen was used in a variety of roles. It was a car of choice for civilians as well as military and governmental organizations. Its reliability and ease of maintenance made it ideal for peacetime and wartime service.

In the historical context, the Typ 170V played an important role during the war, serving as a liaison vehicle, officer transport and ambulance. After the war, its production helped Mercedes-Benz to recover and establish itself again in the automotive market.

Today, the Typ 170V Tourenwagen 4 Türen is prized by classic car collectors and automotive history enthusiasts, representing an era of innovation and resilience in the German automotive industry.

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1 in stock

Compra este producto ahora y acumula 23 Puntos!


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