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Churchill Mk.VII Tamiya-35210


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Despite numerous mechanical problems early in the war with the first “Churchill MK IV” type tanks, they managed to maintain a good reputation among British tank crews. Designed as an infantry support tank, it was provided with a powerful armor (practically impenetrable by the German anti-tank weapons of the early years of the conflict) and a powerful 6-pounder gun, as well as wide chains that allowed it to cross any terrain, without ever prioritizing its speed or agility in combat. It didn’t matter that he was slow because he had to keep up with the foot soldiers he had to protect.

The Mk VII, which is the variant represented in this Tamiya Kit, presented many modifications with respect to the MK IV: hull cast instead of riveted, increase of its armor to 152 mm, with the corresponding increase in weight up to 40 tons and, consequently, reduction of its speed (maximum road speed of 24Km/h). The turret was also replaced by a cast steel turret on which a 75 mm gun was mounted. As a secondary weapon, it mounted two 7.92mm Besa machine guns.

This magnificent Tamiya kit incorporates a figure of a French civilian selling milk (milk cart also included) and three British crewmen.



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1 in stock

Compra este producto ahora y acumula 37 Puntos!


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