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Char Renault B1 bis Tamiya-35282


Tamiya 1/35

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In the mid 1920s, General Estienne convinced the French General Staff of the need to build a new tank to replace the obsolete models of the First World War. In October 1936, the first models of the Char B1 Bis, built from the Char B1, were released.

The B1 tank was a tank designed to support the infantry units of the French Army. 28 tonsa 40 mm front shieldingas his main weapon, he mounted on his helmet a 75 mm cannon (ABS SA 35) and as secondary weapons it had a 47 mm cannon in the turret and two 7.5 mm machine guns. Its crew consisted of 4 men.

In early 1940 the French formed four armored divisions, where the B1 played a predominant role. Between May and June 1940, the Char B1 fought in However, its slowness and high fuel consumption did not make it an optimal tank for the mobility-based warfare proposed by the Germans and, in the long run, many of the B1s were abandoned by their crews on the battlefield.

This Tamiya kit includes metal parts and the commander figure.

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1 in stock

Compra este producto ahora y acumula 66 Puntos!


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