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British fighter Gloster Sea Gladiator MK.II (3 figures) 1/32 ICM-32045


ICM 1/32

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The Royal Navy’s air forces at the beginning of World War II comprised 20 squadrons with a total of 232 aircraft. Naval aviation tasks included reconnaissance, marking for battleships, offensive operations against enemy warships and merchant vessels, and protection against enemy submarines and aircraft. Squadrons usually had between 9 and 12 aircraft of the same type, although sometimes their composition was mixed.

A prominent feature of British naval aviation before World War II was the considerable number of biplane aircraft. This was due to its excellent flight characteristics for deck landings in open seas. The Gloster Sea Gladiator single-seat biplane fighter, produced from 1938, was a naval version of the land-based Gladiator fighter. The deck variant was distinguished from the ground variant by having a reinforced lower wing, modified equipment, a tail hook for landing and a life raft housed under the fuselage.

Between December 1938 and February 1939, 60 Gloster Sea Gladiators were produced, and 38 additional aircraft were obtained through the conversion of Gladiator Mk.II land-based fighters.

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