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R35 French light truck Tamiya-35373


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The French R35 light tank was a project executed by Renault under order of the French General Staff, which in the mid-1920s led a policy of modernization and rearmament of its armed forces. The idea with which the R35 was conceived was to replace the old FT-17 that revolutionized the concept of the battle tank during the First World War but was completely obsolete by the early 1930s.

More than 1,500 units of the R35 were built, it had a weight of 8 tons, a maximum armor of 40 mm, the crew consisted of only two members (as in the old FT-17) the driver and the commander who also acted as gunner. It was powered by an 85 hp Renault V4 engine, which gave it a top speed of only 20 km/h on the highway.

During the invasion of France by the Nazis (in May 1940) the R35 proved to be of little use when fighting the large masses of German armored vehicles. It was slow, had a small turret, designed for a single occupant, which meant that the commander had to do several tasks at the same time, had no radio and the tactics of use of the armored French army was outdated, stuck in the First World War, the result of all this was a short operational life for the R35.

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1 in stock

Compra este producto ahora y acumula 32 Puntos!


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