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88MM FLAK 36/37 Dragon-6923 88MM FLAK 36/37 Cannon


Dragon 1/35

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Dragon models


The 88mm Flak 36/37 Flak gun was an 88mm caliber anti-aircraft gun developed by Germany during the 1930s and used by them in World War II. Renowned for its power and accuracy, it became an iconic weapon during the war, using 88x571R mm ammunition, giving it an effective range of approximately 14 km against aircraft and 7 km against tanks. Its rifled barrel gave it greater accuracy and range than smoothbore guns. Mounted on a turntable and capable of being towed, this gun became a key piece in the German arsenal during the war.


Fantastic reproduction of the Dragon brand that includes:

  • Photoengraving
  • Faithfully reproduced aluminum barrel
  • Bonus: 6 figures (cannon crew)

Now at the best price in our Low cost section.

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