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Zil-131 truck with driver and 3 Ukrainian sappers.Ukraine, summer 2022. 1/35 ICM-35018


ICM 1/35

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The large-scale fight that began in February 2022 had several stages. One of the most difficult was the summer of 2022, when the Armed Forces of Ukraine contained enemy attack groups in the South and Northeast. The territories where direct fighting took place were actively mined, as a result of which the sites of hostilities were saturated with hundreds of thousands of anti-personnel mines and anti-tank mines. In addition to these, unexploded aerial bombs, mortar shells and ammunition remain on the ground. Combat engineer units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are responsible for demining, engineering intelligence and installation of explosive barriers. Most Ukrainian sappers are universal specialists capable of performing a wide range of tasks. Their work is needed everywhere, they operate in different areas of hostilities and provide engineering support to many units. Sappers perform assigned tasks not only in the second echelon of defense, but also in the line of direct engagements, in front of combat positions. In addition, the dogs help the sappers find explosive objects.

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Compra este producto ahora y acumula 23 Puntos!


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