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British Bristol Beaufort Mk I bomber 1/48 ICM-43814


ICM 1/48

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The supply of Bristol Beaufort Mk.I torpedo bombers to RAF Coastal Command began in November 1939. These aircraft were immediately used in combat operations during the early stages of World War II. In addition to their primary role of conducting torpedo attacks against enemy warships and transports, they were also employed in bombing raids on land targets, such as the attack on oil storage facilities in Hamburg in May 1940 and targets along the west coast of France. Standard weaponry for these bombing raids included 250- and 500-pound high explosive bombs. Until April 1941, the Bristol Beaufort was the only aircraft capable of carrying the full range of British aircraft armament. After the fall of France, RAF fighter planes continued to conduct bombing raids against Wehrmacht forces in occupied territory. Air attacks against ground targets, such as ports and airfields, were carried out by Bristol Beaufort units until 1942.

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1 in stock

Compra este producto ahora y acumula 60 Puntos!


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