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The Bristol Beaufighter was one of the most successful and widely used twin-engine fighters of World War II. The first Beaufighter (MkI) came into action in the second half of 1940, they were excellently armed with 4 Hispano-Suiza HS.404 20 mm automatic cannons under the nose and 6 machine guns of 7.70 mm caliber in the wings, which made it the best armed fighter of its time.
The Beaufighter performed different tasks throughout the war and hence different versions of the Beaufighter were developed. Initially it was equipped with a radar system for night combat, the idea was to face the Luftwaffe bombers that ravaged the English cities during the night Raid (autumn 1940). Later, when the tables were turned and the Allies started bombing Germany, it was used as a long-range escort fighter.
The Bristol Beaufighter MkVI was equipped with a Hercules VI engine of 1,670 hp, in addition, it was fitted with a steerable turret at the rear, a 7.70m Browning and, finally, it could mount 1 torpedo and 2 bombs of 113 kg or, instead, carry up to 8 RP-3 rockets of 27 kg.
The Beaufighter participated in combat over the skies of Europe, the Mediterranean, North Africa, the Middle East and the Pacific. More than 5,900 of these aircraft were built during the war.

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