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Bilingual English / Spanish. 156 pages. Semi-hard cover.

This model book contains exquisitely crafted dioramas and vehicles to tell the story of the fall of Berlin. With a multitude of references and stories behind each project, the authors inspire to tell a unique story with each piece.

In addition to providing a detailed step-by-step planning, painting and construction process, this book reveals the keys to achieve an excellent level of antiquing using different effects: mud, splashes, drips, chipping, dust, dirt, among others.

In January 1945, the Krásnaya Ármiya, or Red Army, after three and a half years of fierce fighting without quarter, launched a series of strategic operations that took it into the heart of the Third Reich. Their inexorable advance towards Berlin culminated in April 1945. There he fought his last great battle on the European continent, winning a crushing victory over German forces. The massive use of artillery and armored weapons in land operations was one of the keys to this victory.

This book is not only a technical guide, but also a source of historical and artistic inspiration for modelers of all levels. With its detailed explanations and magnificent illustrations, it offers a complete and enriching vision of the art of modeling, connecting the passion for history with technical skill.


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1 in stock

Compra este producto ahora y acumula 26 Puntos!


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