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Little Warriors vol.2 is the second installment of this series of monographs dedicated to small scale modeling (1/72). This new volume departs from the classic and conventional models, focusing on the Axis Pact Forces during World War II, representing countries such as Germany, Japan, Italy, Hungary and Finland.

The book offers a magnificent compendium of pieces and settings, presenting detailed step-by-step instructions that will be indispensable for all lovers of this scale. Modelers will find in its pages a rich source of inspiration and advanced techniques, with precise illustrations and detailed explanations covering everything from basic construction to the most complex finishes.

Little Warriors vol.2 is not only an educational resource, but also a work of art that celebrates the detail and precision of small-scale modeling, making each project a true miniature historical gem.

154 color pages


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1 in stock

Compra este producto ahora y acumula 27 Puntos!


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