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Battle set: The Battle of Arras. 1940. 1/72 Italeri-6118


Italeri 1/72

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In May 1940, in the vicinity of the city of Arras, the Anglo-French Allied forces unleashed a counterattack against the Wehrmacht with the aim of slowing and stopping the advance of German troops towards the shores of the English Channel. It was the British units of the “Frankforce” that mainly supported the Allied offensive, employing two regiments of Matilda tanks, highly armored for the time. Despite this, the Allied offensive was stifled by the determined resistance of the 7th Panzer Division under General Erwin Rommel, who, despite suffering losses, held firm to his positions. Rommel used artillery as an effective anti-tank weapon against the robust British tanks. After the tactical defeat at Arras, British troops withdrew to the English Channel to carry out Operation Dynamo and evacuate the BEF from the European continent.

The box contains:

  • French farm buildings and a store
  • 50 figures of German infantrymen
  • 1 Sdkfz 250/3 and three figures
  • Flak 37 8.8 cm and crew of 8 figures
  • 45 figures of British infantrymen
  • 2 Matilda Mk II and 2 figures

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