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Tank battle. Wargame Art of tactic Zvezda-6222


Zvezda Wargames

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Maquetas Zvezda


Wargames (or ” War Games”) are games based on the tactical recreation, on a board, of a battle. This game from the“Art of tactic” series allows you to relive the excitement of a tank battle. in the Eastern Front during the Second World War, perfectly blends all the ingredients that interest us modelers: the possibility of reproducing real scale models, the understanding and study of the historical moment in which the battles took place and the reflection and initiative that the commanders of the units involved in the conflict had to make on the field…DON’T MISS IT!

The box includes:

  • 3 Soviet tanks (1/100 scale)
  • 3 German tanks (1/100 scale)
  • 2 Permanent ink markers
  • Board
  • Dice
  • Playing card
  • Instructions


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