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Mig Jimenez


The Battle of Kursk was a pivotal engagement during World War II, which occurred in July and August 1943 in the Kursk region of Russia along the Ukrainian border. Some historians consider it the greatest tank battle in history and marked a point of no return for Nazi Germany’s forces.

German forces attempted an offensive against the Kursk salient, but were met with fierce resistance from the Soviet Red Army, led by Marshal Georgy Zhukov. The Soviets, alerted in advance that the attack would take place at that point, had amassed a large number of troops and tanks, and had prepared a thorough and well-coordinated defense.

The battle was characterized by intense tank and artillery fighting, and the German forces were eventually outnumbered and outgunned. The Battle of Kursk culminated in the German defeat and marked the beginning of the Soviet offensive that would lead to the liberation of much of Eastern Europe.

This battle is a milestone in military history and an example of the Red Army’s ability to defend itself and turn the tide of the war on the Eastern Front.

This spectacular book by Ammo covers, in its more than 150 pages, step by step, all the events surrounding the battle, including spectacular photos and camouflage diagrams and combat markings of the vehicles that took part in the battle.


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