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Phu Bai Combat Base. 1968 1/35 ICM-53056


ICM 1/35

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The CH-54A heavy helicopters deployed to Vietnam had primarily transport roles, although occasionally they were also used to carry M-121 high explosive bombs. These bombs were modified with an extended nose fuze to detonate approximately 3 feet above the ground, which facilitated clearing forests to create helicopter landing sites.

One notable operation involved a CH-54A helicopter from Phu Bai Air Base, also known as Camp Hochmuth, located in central Vietnam. The U.S. Armed Forces began operating this base in 1963, initially as a communications radio station. Later, the base housed U.S. Marines, paratroopers and special operations forces, and an airstrip was built using M8A1 steel airfield plates.

At one point, the airfield also hosted U.S. Marine Corps aircraft and helicopters. Despite frequent Viet Cong attacks, the Phu Bai base remained operational by the U.S. military until late 1972.

The kit includes:

Complete scene of a heavy helicopter transporting a bomb at Phu Bai airfield in 1968 (including CH-54A helicopter, M-121 bomb, pilots and technical personnel, and combat base pavement).

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