Russian armored BMPT “Terminator” Zvezda-3636


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The BMPT (called “Terminator“) is a combat platform for infantry and armored unit support, designed by the Russians and in service in this country since 2005.

The primary idea of the BMPT was to provide cover for the armored forces when they were advancing and ran out of gas or ammunition. Later, and largely due to the experience gathered by the Russian Army during the Chechen war, it was decided to use the “Terminator”, due to its good mobility and firepower, for combat in urban environments.

  • Weight: 47 Tm
  • Armoring: 750 mm (Kontakt 5)
  • Primary Weapon: 2 A 42 automatic cannons. Four Komet EM missiles
  • Vel. Max road: 60km/h


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