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Freikorps Austin Armored (Complete interior) MiniArt-39012


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The Austin was an armored vehicle produced by the British Austin Motor Company for export to Tsarist Russia (during World War I). The outbreak of the Russian Revolution (1917) interfered with the initial plans and interrupted the shipment of these armored cars to the East, so that many of them ended up on the Western Front, supporting the Allied troops in their offensive against Germany. As a consequence, some of these armored cars fell into the hands of the Germans, at the end of the Great War, due to the political tension in Germany and the affinity of the army with the “FreiKorps” (extreme right and ultra-nationalist units) part of these vehicles became part of the lines of the latter in their counter-revolutionary actions and in the fight against the supporters of the extreme left.

Miniart kit includes complete interior!

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