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British Austin Armored 1918 (Complete interior) MiniArt-39009


MiniArt 1/35 vehicles

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The armored vehicle Austin was designed by the Austin Motor Company at the beginning of World War I, it had a weight of of 5.3tn and a maximum shielding of 6 mmwas armed with two 7.62mm Maxim 1910 machine guns (which in turn were mounted on two turrets, one on each side of the vehicle). It had an Austin engine with 4 cylinders in line and 50hp of power, which allowed it to develop a maximum speed of 56 km/h (35 mph).

The Austin, which was originally made to order to be purchased by the Russian army but when the Revolution broke out the shipment was stopped and they were used by the British on the western front during the First World War (kit reproduced here by MiniArt).

The kit is especially interesting because it includes the complete interior, which allows the modeler to learn more about the details of this curious vehicle and imagine what life was like for its crews.


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