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German amphibious vehicle Trippel SG 6/38 Das Werk-35012


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The Schwimmwagen Trippel SG 6/38 was an amphibious vehicle used by German forces during World War II. Designed by the Trippel company, this vehicle was capable of operating both on land (85km/h) and in water (14km/h), making it a valuable asset for military operations, it could carry up to 16 soldiers. Equipped with four-wheel drive and a rear propeller, the Schwimmwagen Trippel SG 6/38 could travel in difficult terrain and cross rivers and bodies of water with ease.

This model contains:

  • Accurate and correctly reproduced rounded main structure
  • Complete crew cabin interior
  • Transparent parts
  • Photoengraving
  • Five painting schemes
  • Doors can be mounted open/closed


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