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On April 18, 1942, one of the most intrepid and novel events of the entire Second World War took place. It was the day chosen for Lieutenant Colonel Doolittle’s men to drop the bombs of their B-25 bombers on the city of Tokyo.

The physical damage caused by the bombs was very little, but the impact of the attack on public opinion in both Japan and the US was enormous.

The Japanese did not understand from where the attack had taken place, they thought that it was only possible for a bomber the size of the B25 to take off from a land base and the ones the US had were too far from Japan for their bombers to reach Japanese soil…but the truth is that the takeoff of those planes had taken place from the deck of the aircraft carrier…. US Hornet.

The Hornet was a Yorktown class aircraft carrier, powered by 4 Parson steam turbines and 9 Babcock & Wilcox boilers, which allowed it to reach a speed of 33.84 knots and with a capacity to carry more than 90 aircraft.

The aircraft carrier Hornet was not present at the Battle of the Coral Sea but was at Midway where it participated in the interception of the Japanese fleet and directly in the sinking of the cruiser Mikuma, leaving the cruiser Mogami seriously damaged.

The Hornet was finally sunk in the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands in late October 1942.


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