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A6M2 Zero type 21 Tamiya-61016


Tamiya 1/48 aircraft

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The A6M2 Zero was the main fighter used during World War II by the Japanese Empire, during the early stages of the conflict it was undoubtedly a dominant aircraft in the skies over the Pacific.
In 1937 Mitsubishi began the design of a new aircraft, the project, led by engineer Horikoshi, was looking for a fast aircraft (capable of over 500km/h), which would stand out for its maneuverability, long range (around 6 hours of flight), a fast rate of climb and well armed. In March 1939 the vehicle was ready for its first test flight, then, in 1940, the engine was replaced by a more powerful one (Nakajima Sakae Type 12).
The Zero reproduced in this 1/48 Tamiya model (the A6M2) participated in the attack on Pearl Harbor, the invasion of the Philippine Islands and the Indian Ocean campaign. A total of 3,600 Type 21s were built throughout the conflict.


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1 in stock

Compra este producto ahora y acumula 20 Puntos!


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